4 important questions about stretching. The founder of the school of flexibility answers

Important questions about stretching
March 24, 2022 0 Comments

In the case of stretching, the main thing is not the result, but the path that leads to it, believes Tamara Danilyuk.

Many see stretching only as a way to sit on the rope. But in fact, it has many advantages, in addition to the possibility of making both longitudinal and transverse.

Important questions about stretching

Can you lose weight by stretching?

Stretching seems to be absolute relaxation for many. You are sitting in a butterfly position and not expending calories at all. It’s not true. First, any class begins with a dynamic warm-up, which helps warm up the muscles and prepare the body for exercise. And second, even simple static poses engage different muscle groups. For one lesson, about 200 kcal are spent. So if you need to shed a few extra pounds and intense workouts aren’t for you, stretching will do the trick.

But if you want to lose five pounds or more, supplement your stretching classes with cardio exercises. Swimming, dancing or tennis: choose what you like and enjoy. Don’t forget nutrition. No amount of exercise will help you lose weight if you consume more calories than you expend.

How does stretching affect muscles and joints?

An unorganized workplace, the habit of tilting the head to the phone, the absence of a comfortable pillow – all this leads to the fact that with age some muscles become shortened and are more prone to spasms. As a result, the metabolism is disturbed and the posture deteriorates.

Stretching relieves muscles from overwork, improves blood circulation and normalizes lymphatic flow. As a result, excess fluid is removed from the body, puffiness disappears, and even cellulite is reduced. And the body takes shape. The joints become more flexible, which helps prevent injuries. Active sports – skiing, snowboarding and even running – are impossible without a preliminary stretching complex.

How long does it take to sit on the twine?

To answer this question, you need to consider many factors: your natural flexibility, physical condition, number of workouts per week and regularity, age and even drinking regimen.

It’s one thing if you’re already in good shape: maybe you’ve done splits in the past or finished every workout at the gym with stretching exercises. In this case, it will be much easier for you to get the result. It’s completely different when you’re an absolute beginner. So you have to work harder.

Be that as it may, no professional trainer will be able to tell you the exact time frame to achieve the desired result – everything is too individual.

We also met those who never sat in the divisions and did not even try, but at the same time after a month they got the desired effect. And it happens that one thread is easy and the other does not; then additional exercises are included.

But of course, with all the data, everything depends on a stable drive; without them you can even lose the best result.

Important questions about stretching

Why is the channel useful?

In fact, the formation process itself is helpful on the way to splits. And itself is just a nice effect on your flexible joints and elastic muscles. Knowing this will help make stretching a truly relaxing process. In addition, good breathing during exercise saturates the cells with oxygen. This normalizes the work of the body at all levels:

  • stabilizes blood pressure and heart function;
  • relieves feelings of anxiety and nervousness.