Sports for the strong and self-confident. Why are more people choosing triathlon?

Sports for the strong and self-confident
March 24, 2022 0 Comments

World celebrities have already joined the ranks of triathletes: Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and Gordon Ramsay.

What is triathlon and why do athletes love it so much?

The experts answer.
Triathlon is rapidly gaining popularity. Every year, new stars join this sport. What’s so appealing about triathlon? Let’s find out together.

Yevgeny Romanenko
Entrepreneur, Founder of Come On Gym Gym Chain and IRONSTAR Ambassador
After the first triathlon, I was once again convinced of the correctness of my position in life: to achieve the impossible, you have to want the unreal!

Sports for the strong and self-confident

Reason 1: It’s not boring

In triathlon, athletes cover the distance alternately in three ways: swimming, cycling and running. When preparing for competition, you should train in all three areas. Such a charge allows you to shake the body and discover new energy resources in yourself, while setting new goals. For diversity, triathlon is often visited by athletes from other sports who are tired of the same usual type of training. But the fun begins in the transition zone of competitions: between the usual anecdotes, mixing up your shoes with strangers, forgetting the location of your bike and finding yourself stuck in a too tight suit, no time to get bored. . Perhaps that’s why the triathlon is chosen by Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and even chef Gordon Ramsay.

Reason 2: the whole body is pumped harmoniously

If you look at triathletes, almost all of them have a slim and fit figure. The secret lies in the fact that due to the alternation of loads, the body of athletes develops harmoniously and balanced. Shoulder relief and a strong back are achieved by swimming, toned glutes and muscular legs (a bicycle, a toned press), running. Also, training increases endurance, normalizes blood pressure and metabolic processes in the body. Do you want to become a strong and resistant Apollo? Try a triathlon.

Reason 3: changes in self-esteem

Many athletes, having overcome the full “iron” distance (3.86 km – swimming, 180 km – cycling, 42.195 km – running), acquire a completely different attitude and self-esteem. The way of thinking changes: a person becomes more self-confident and more resistant to stress. Triathlon teaches us to set new goals and achieve them, not to be afraid of difficulties and to overcome them, which is reflected in all areas of life. This is why successful people often go to triathlon: businessmen, politicians, executives and senior managers.

Eugene: Triathlon seemed unreal to me, because a year ago I couldn’t swim and I never sat on a road bike. Now it seems unrealistic to climb the prize pedestal… So I’m looking forward to the new sports season!

Reason 4: own party

Triathlon has its own community with its inherent lingo and jokes. “Transit”, “editing”, “piece of iron” – words that are incomprehensible to most, will always make a triathlete smile. Besides the fact that triathlon is a community of fun, athletic and successful people, it is also a great platform for networking. At the same time, “entering the party” is not at all difficult; for this, it is not necessary to immediately try to take the “iron” distance, you can start with a sprint (0.75 km – swimming, 20 km – cycling, 5 km – running), accessible to all.

Sports for the strong and self-confident

Coach Sergey Shelapugin shot to pass the “iron” distance at the start of her running career, in 2008. After 13 years, she submitted to him.

Sergei Shelapugin
It is said that there are two sequels: either it sticks and it gives goosebumps, or not. I was very fascinated by this sport, and now: there is a serious preparation for 2022 coming up. With the passion for triathlon, my life became more systematic and interesting: time management improved, there was a motivation to earn more for the new wish list of triathlon. I can say with confidence that triathlon is a sport for strong and confident people. After passing the distance, the energy rushes so that you forget about fatigue.

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